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Foodies will be in heaven in Bangkok. The number of restaurants, cafés and coffee shops in the city is simply staggering. Virtually every kind of cuisine is available, from Italian and Mexican to Thai and Japanese. For those who prefer to cook at home, several large supermarkets stock Western ingredients and prepared dishes, albeit at a higher cost due to being imported.

Home Dining

Homebodies needn’t worry if cooking at home is not an option. Bangkok is far ahead of many other cities in its penchant for convenience, and newcomers are often amused by the willingness of restaurants to deliver food, including major chains like McDonald’s and KFC. Several delivery services also partner with restaurants to provide even more options.

Possibly the most popular service, Chef’s XP offers delivery from hundreds of restaurants in the city for a flat fee of THB 60 within their delivery range. This rises depending on your location, but virtually all staff members in the central Bangkok area will rarely pay more. In most cases deliveries arrive within an hour, and the English-speaking staff members will usually call if they anticipate that it will take longer.

FoodPanda offers an equal number of options as Chefs XP, but also partners with restaurants to provide monthly deals such as free items or free delivery. However, their delivery pricing differs and is based on your location and the restaurant you are ordering from. Though most locations in and around the Asok area will be THB 50-60, the delivery charge can rise as high as THB 120 in some cases. Most deliveries arrive within an hour, and the website will usually indicate if longer times should be expected.

Previously a separate company, and one of the first delivery services in Bangkok, Food by Phone has since merged with FoodPanda and offers the same range of restaurants. Like FoodPanda, the site allows you to enter your location and provides matches based the criteria you specify. When ordering from either service, be sure to check that all items are included, as occasionally some may be accidentally left out.